Euros score first goals, Moose lose in SO

Your Halifax Mooseheads started the season off on an okay start. European born rookies Ilya Putintsev and Otto Somppi scored their first goals, showing the Moose fans that even though this is a transition year they can still be excited to go see games. Overager Eric Brassard was at most times in mid-season form, facing almost 40 shots during regulation and overtime but so did Darryl MacCallum, who got the best of Brassard in the shootout. Somppi led the Herd with a goal and two assists, while Putintsev scored the first goal of the season for Halifax and added an assist. Last night’s first line combined for 7 points.

FINAL: Mooseheads 3 at Islanders 4 SO
Stars: 3. Somppi HAL | 2. Deschenes CHA | 1. MacCallum CHA
Attendance: 2,687
MC’s Top Herd: n/a

First period
6:42 CHA Oliver Cooper (1) | A: Kennedy & Rydstrom
15:14 HAL Ilya Putintsev (1), PP | A: Fortier & Somppi
16:36 CHA Filip Rydstrom (1) | A: Deschenes

Second period
6:30 HAL Otto Somppi (1), PP | A: Putintsev & Fortier
11:08 HAL Vincent Watt (1) | A: Fortier & Somppi

Third period
0:56 CHA Mitchell Balmas (1), PP | A: Deschenes

No scoring

Round 1 – CHA Chris Chaddock (Goal)     HAL Danny Moynihan (Save)
Round 2 – CHA Bradley Kennedy (Save)     HAL Otto Somppi (Save)
Round 3 – CHA Mitchell Balmas (Save)     HAL Ilya Putintsev (Save)

Halifax: 2-for-7
Charlottetown: 1-for-5

Winning goaltender: Darryl MacCallum CHA 37 saves
Losing goaltender: Eric Brassard HAL 36 saves


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